Apr 9, 2010

If I am Ip Man Master, I would...

Have you ever imagine to be someone else? I bet you do especially when you imagine want to become like your idol.  Ok, in this case i have been given an opportunity to imagine myself as Ip Man Master. Who is that? Well, simply said he's also a human. Haha..

Ok..let me brief you lil' info about Ip Man. (Based on the movie "Ip Man")

Calm and relax..
My thought : He's cool..

Respect the ladies
My thought : Wah! Gentleman

My thought: Why not lazy like me? lol

If i am Ip Man, i would do everything i can to help those who in need.
My first step is to pass down all my kungfu's technique to my student.

Always practice with the wooden dummy somehow make me stress. So i go for a walk at park to enjoy the scenery + exercise and training so that i can sharpen my kungfu.

I would gladly to help one of my students. Even with only a stupid move they still appreciate it. Notice that i got a talent to motivate my student :P

 If i am IP Man, most of my blog post will be based on moral and philosophy and not to forget some wing chun's lessons.hehe

If  i am Ip Man, definitely i will popular among my friends. Let us spread my popularity around the world. (one of my fans still chasing me even in deep forest) muahaha

This is my last movement + killer stance when im in "Ip Man mode". I turn back to normal me after 10 seconds..Say cheese..Snap! Fuhhh...let me take a breath for a few seconds.. :P

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joegrimjow said...

top notch for the pics

check mine here

hajar DK said...

haha.. last pic sangat membencikan

Mardhiah said...

hak2...lawak :P

Doku said...


will do! thanks :)

Doku said...

@hajar DK

sampai tahap membencikan ke? aku ingat tahap meyampah je..ha3..bukan senang nak tgk aku poyo!

Doku said...


ha3..xde idea sgt la..buat je yg temampu..

Kami said...

Nice.. Kung Fu man yang gentleman :D

Please cek mine here

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