Nov 14, 2008

Sketch 009

this cincai sketch of a couples
equal to a sketch book..
what i mean is this is a favour
from my sis and as a reward she give me
that buku sketch..
nanti aku upload gmbr sketchbook aku keh..
at first, im really not in the mood to do this kind
of thing..because..err...i've not practicing (portrait)
for a long time and really not capable in it..
surely want to find a master soon to help me improving in it..
My sis who is desperate just says..
"x kisah la..buat je la..ko nak ke x buku sketch?
bukan sng aku nak belanja ni"
then without any hesitation i grab my pencil and a piece of paper
and it goes with this one...


meo188 said...


jom tukar2 link jom!!!

aD said...

orait meo..set!!

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