Nov 17, 2008

Sketch 013

Today..just another sketch from me. 
A favor from Syakirin which is 
a friend of mine. 
Still confused whether it does 
look alike or not.. 
so still waiting for the owner 
to approve it by 
Well i think this one quite rough 
but still i love this rough sketch


ady said...

one word, awesome!
marlboro lights kah? anything you want, you got it. i doubt the size of the belt is quite bigger. naah im gonna hold that thought. graciaaasss !!!

Mr. Azman @ Kreuger said...

cun giler...

erk... jangan marah ar... kalau dilenkungkan skit bahagian pinggang
sire posture karektor ni nampak lagi

ok... just my opinion.. ape-ape pon,
memang best artwork~

*left or right handed?


aD said...

Ady>Anything for ya man!doesnt count it..up to you thought..btw trimas2x..

Kreuger>owh..hehe..saya bab figure ni kureng sket..tgh study anatomy badan ag..pape hal pun trimas atas komen yg memberangsangkan.em...left handed :)

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