Nov 19, 2008

Sketch 015

A girl wearing tudung. Just in the mood to study for this kind of :)
For me her eyes quite trouble somehow. On the coloring technique, really apologize for my worst skill. Still learning how to play with colors and this is the result after some quick editing using picture manager. Hope you can give your humble opinion about this.


meo188 said...

uiks, awek ke nie? huhuhuhuhu

aD said...

hohoho..mmg la awek..xkan laki kot..hehe :)

mancai said...

huhuhu...gambar awek ko ke nie? berseri dengan adernya touch-up

aD said...

mancai> hehe..try wat tpi x jadi ler..kaler tu pun cam terang sgt..neway trimas :)

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