Nov 28, 2008

Sketch 027

the rain keeps falling down..
cool breeze coming throughout the window..
so cold right isnt breeze but the raindrop splash onto my
This one? hmm..a girl..
try to make it as simple as possible..

p/s: mr ** about this one?


meo188 said...

gadis itu menjeling padaku... huhuhuhuhu...

er... ini haxe yg jg ke? sori kalau slh

aD said...

Meo> ahaha..a,ah..btul la tu meo

kay said...

hehehe aweeeeeeeee-someeeeee!!!!


♥chubbycekelat ♥ said...

tantek ar amoi kat atas nih! hee XD

Anonymous said...

fird..ok..but seems like therez sumtin wrong wif her bru lpas keguguran rambot...if her hair thicker cket..4sure the sketch will be perfect..n the eye..quite catchy..i like it..

aD said...

kay> ahaks!! ur welcome :)

chubby> thanks!! hehe..(hepi2)

anonymous> he3..intend to do like dat actually..nmpk x best ek? thanks for the comment!btw nex tym tinggal la link ek..he2

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