Dec 3, 2008

Sketch 033-Raining season and a girl..

This one is the original character by me..just to chill out my free time again..
luckily,today the weather quite good for me to hang out just for a while.
The activity..sightseeing.considered as one of my hobby walking down the street heading to the beach..what the heck that i've been doing this in the raining season. who cares! btw, beach are calling and the best place though...
amazing view with some gorgeous chick from the nearby
oh no dear..forgot already..i've got need others right..loyalty is the best after all..just for now..hope it will have an endless point..


♥chubbycekelat ♥ said...

nice sketch...
where r u rite now?
juz askin'

aD said...

thanks v much..
in front of my pc,in my room,in my parent's house,my hometown..he3

Aku-Ida said...

wahhhh shantekknye

rahmanraof said...

keep it up bro..cantek

.. said...

neddy sgt ske semua lukisan kt cni..caiyo2..lukis lagi byk2 k...nt lukis pict neddy laks..ahax..:)

aD said...

ida> time kacih...he3.kamu selalu melawat blog ni. bgs2

rahman> thanks bro!! do come again..he3 :D

neddy> trimas neddy..nick kamu sama cam si dia taw. lukis?ok2..insyaAllah akan dbuat nti..tpi persamaan tu bkn 100% taw. x reti sgt

.. said...

erm sama dengan sumOne specel in ur life ke?? hehe..okie2 xpe, sbb neddy ske conteng2 gak,tp tak pandai sgt...:)

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