Dec 5, 2008

Sketch 035- Beyond my limit

#lil' modification into it

just come back from visiting my lil bro.
he's quite into dilemma right now..
still wonder which course that he want to choose.
he's not the one who being trapped into that situation.
it happens to me long time ago
my parent want him
further his studies with the course that somehow
can guarantee him more opportunity
in future.
the problem is..he doesnt like it! man!enough with that!
i know its his life
and i should not bother with it.
and we need to respect his decision.
but then, there is one more thing
the second problem that my family has to worry more about him
he's now totally in rage!
since he's studying in that college.
Who thought him to be so??
gonna teach him so lesson from his o' brother
mum and dad
didnt feel happy bout this..
and the same goes with me

#raw sketch#


♥chubbycekelat ♥ said...

so complicated..
sketch atas nih nmpk cam goku lar..

MinHyo said...

yeappp! college sangt susah nak pilih.. nak masuk mana nak pegi mana.. btw, saya dah link kamoo. hehehehe

meo188 said...

sambung belajar best lor... bkn susah nk belajar. enjoy gile zaman belajar.

life kerja agak sucks!!!

ije said...

emm. sorry to hear this.

seswai la ng sketch. imagine it is ur lil bro. ehe

aD said...

chubby> nmpk cam goku ek?haha..tempias zaman kanak2 kot

zat> welcome zat. mmg png nk pk...saya da link kamu juga.hehe2

meo> xmo keje aci x? aku enjoy zaman study..ha3

goasop> thanks goasop.. eh..seswai ek?ha2

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