Jun 4, 2009

Award From Capiqa..+ Princess Hearty

Sorry for the late update. Kinda busy right now with the project and assignment.Short semester that's kick me out this time. Capiqa which is one of my fellow blogger has given me an award for being her sweet followers. Am i right miss? Thanks for the sweet award. Kinda love it!

UPDATE: Second award.. Thanks to Princess Hearty! :D...

Right now watching "Dororo" movie. Its japanese movie and im not sure but its old. The thing i love with this movie is the plot that easy to be followed. Got some fight scene, no to be truth most of the story are fil with it but its not to heavy. The graphic manipulation and effect are satisfying.

Talking about the favorite actor i got mine to. im sure every one has their own favorite actor/actress. My favorite actor was Mickey Rourke. Im sure some of you might not even know who is this guy. For me the character that he's playing in 'The wrestler' really got some hit on it. He's got the comeback story from the plot plus a great performance in his corner. People really seem to be rooting for him, and so do i. I think that's what will get him the winning total.Want to know more about the story? Google it on the net for 'The wrestler'. I'm sure there are still plenty of the source to get this movie for free.

My friends have a favor and ask me to nominate him for the
Best of the best Awards..You can nominate him there at BoB Awards


haruan tasek said...

ahhhhhhhh... award lagi... mantap

CaPiQa said...

you're so right, dear. thanks ya for being my 'followerious'.

err, sweet award huh? it's a lil bit weird i think. haha.. xD

meo188 said...

taniah bro!!!!

aD said...

@haruan tasek: xde la bro..biasa2 je..untung dpt rakan blogger yang pemurah bg award..he3

@CaPiQa: ur welcome..sweet or not is not d matter sis..hehe..as long dpt award cukup r..haha

@meo188: Ur welcome dude!

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